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Communications Service Providers and enterprises depend on network availability for business continuity. In heterogeneous networks, network administrators face numerous challenges in properly managing device configurations, carrying out changes, guaranteeing compliance to regulations, ensuring access security, committing to SLAs and in minimizing network downtime triggered by human errors. The ways to address the challenges, they need a proven, business-focused solution to streamline and automate network device configuration.

Direct consequences of configuration errors

Google outage pushed traffic through Russia, China and Nigeria (Nov. 2018)

Nigeria’s MainOne experienced an administrative error in the configuration of their edge router during a planned network upgrade which impacted traffic to their internet peering partners.

AWS S3 Breaks the Cloud (Feb. 28, 2017)

Someone fat-fingered a configuration change and brought AWS’s S3 cloud object storage service to the group.

Level 3 blames huge network outage on human error (Oct 4, 2016)

Level 3 voice network experienced service disruption affecting some customers in North America due to a configuration error.

Key Product Benefits and Features

Visibility for everyone

  • Change validation on agreed configuration and notification of customer service impact
  • From expert-only coding and programming to automation anywhere, anytime and on any device

Hardened Security

  • Leveraging both proactive and reactive approaches
  • Automated configuration change detection to avoid the risk of a security breach

Vendor Agnostic Solution

  • Built to embrace complex hybrid network changes and to scale in a multi-vendor and multi-technology network
  • ‘Zero downtime’ component upgrade, new network element release

"50% of those outages will be caused by change/configuration/release integration and hand-off issues"


Configuration Management in Action


Self-Defending Network

• Real-time and rule-based change detection to avoid the risk of a security breach
• Proactive approach to prevent unauthorized changes of network configuration

Network Integrity

• Automated end-to-end process to maintain the integrity of configurations with the lowest TCO
• Right tool to enforce agreed configuration on SLA

Consistent and Complete Control

• Centralized control, policy setting and monitoring to enforce consistent policies across entire network
• Real-time control of all policy setting and network configuration

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