Cell Site Automation

Our corporate philosophy and vision is to challenge how business is done between the service provider and their customers
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For massive cell site readiness, Cell Site Automation is a right tool to roll out 4G and 5G cost effectively and faster.

T-Mobile plans to build out 5G in 30 cities including 25,000 small cells in locations like New York and Los Angeles (MWC 2018)

Sprint will launch ‘5G-ready’ networks in six cities including Los Angeles and Washington DC. These roll-outs will include 40,000 outdoor small cells, 15,000 stand-mounted small cells. (MWC 2018)

Key Product Benefits and Features

Efficient, Modern Site Configuration

  • Support large volume of site deployment
  • Eliminate site configuration inconsistency

Simplification and Automation

  • Automate the design process
  • Simplify testing phase

Reduced time and Cost

  • Gives you speed
  • Reduces your costs
  • Able to monetize your network assets

"When 5G, next generation of mobile connectivity, arrives it's likely that millions of new cell towers will spring up to handle the traffic."

Tom WheelerFCC Chairman

Cell Site Automation in Action



The cell-site deployment process is complex, More elements, more time per element, more skill per element and high touch interactions between parties translate into huge growth in network operator OPEX.

Solution Provides

• Efficient, modern site configuration to support large volume of cell site deployments and eliminate site configuration inconsistency.
• Simplified and automated processes for your design and testing phases
• Reduced time and cost to monetize your network assets

Implementation Cycle

Automated processes will have to replace heavier, custom-engineered processes to control the cost and to speed up the delivery of those hundreds of thousands of cells.

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